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Once upon a time…

…in a land not far away lived a race of beautiful people. These people had been given a very precious gift. The Flow of Life directly touched each person and connected them all together into a unifying field of Love. But tragedy struck. This loving connection was lost. People now felt isolated and separate. A few individuals sensed that something essential was missing. One by one these individuals set out on a voyage of discovery to reclaim their lost heritage.

This is their story.

A Story in Five Chapters

The Story of Enlightenment Chapter 1

Our Misaligned Worlds

Life is lived at the intersection of two worlds. There is the outer world around you and the inner world inside of you. Life intends for these two worlds to be aligned. But our culture has taught us that the outer world is real and the inner world is illusory. As a result, your two worlds are misaligned. And the consequences of this are catastrophic.

The Story of Enlightenment: Chapter 2

The Hero’s Journey

This is a story within the story. An ordinary person —you—receives a call to embark on a perilous journey to recover a treasure of great value. On this journey you face a series of tests which require you to confront your inner demons. These tests bring out your true strength of character and transform you into the Hero. But in the end, the Hero faces the ultimate test that s/he cannot win.

The Story of Enlightenment: Chapter 3


This is the pivotal event in the story. The arc of the story shifts and a new trajectory begins. This shift is nothing short of a structural overhaul of your consciousness. You awaken with both a new identity and a new experience of reality.

The Story of Enlightenment: Chapter 4

A New Beginning

After awakening, you start out all over again. In many ways, you are back at a very early age when you explored the world for the first time. Everything is both familiar and new. Things look the same yet different. You feel tentative and disoriented. You do not fully understand what has happened or the changes you are going through. It will take years to complete this transition.

The Story of Enlightenment: Chapter 5

Life Lives You

At some point you realize that this new life now feels normal. Having completed your transition you are able to fully experience your new life. You start to feel that there is a single, unifying presence behind the world of form. Everything is a manifestation of the one thing. This presence has a movement to it. You feel this movement and then you follow the movement. It becomes the flow of your own life.

Before and After—In a Nutshell

The Nature of Life
Before Enlightenment

Me-Centered Consciousness”

  • I live at the center of my own universe.
  • I am separate and distinct from other beings.
  • I tell myself a narrative about “me” and the world.
  • I try to control life and make things happen.
  • I have a private inner life and public outer life.
  • Love is feeling a deep connection with another.

Life After

“Universal Consciousness”

  • I am a body, a point of awareness and the field of consciousness.
  • The Flow of Life moves through my inner world, I express it in the outer world.
  • I accept each moment just as it is.
  • I look for how life comes through others.
  • Life continually unfolds.
  • Love is feeling the oneness of all Life.

4 Things to Know About Enlightenment


Enlightenment is Your Natural State.
That State is Within You Right Now.


When Your Inner and Outer Worlds Are Aligned,
You Become Enlightened.


Life Moves Through Your Inner World.
You Express It in the Outer World.


There is No Self.
You Are A Body.
A Point of Awareness,
the Field of Consciousness.

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